Issue 27: Start, stop, continue
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Issue 27: Start, stop, continue

Issue 27: Start, stop, continue

Today is my birthday and it’s day 3 of #1000wordsofsummer so today’s newsletter will be extremely short!

I rewatched Broad City recently. In one of my favorite episodes, St. Mark’s, Abbi asks Ilana the following questions on her birthday:

What have you done this past year that you’re proud of?

What are you gonna do this upcoming year?

I feel like this past year, in order to cope, I’ve tried to not think about the future and just focus on each day as it comes. But it’s been a nice opportunity to reflect on these questions, to think about how it relates not just to writing and my life more broadly, but also how I want to make writing a priority in my life.

My team at work does retrospectives where we categorize things that we should start, stop, or continue. When I think about what I want to do this upcoming year, it’s been helpful to use this retro framework. Start a consistent writing schedule. Stop spending so much time on TikTok (lol). Continue this newsletter.

What are the things you want to start / stop / continue?

Screenshot of Tumblr posts. The first user: "Controversial writing tip: open a document and start writing. The second user: "Unrealistic. Blocked."

Creative resources

Recent reads & other media

I read A Burning by Megha Majumdar, which weaves together the fates of Jivan, PT Sir, and Lovely in a gorgeously-written debut that also examines corruption, extremism, and class in India. I also read Emily Henry’s newest book, People We Meet on Vacation, which was a good slow burn friends-to-lovers romance that also made me miss traveling.

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~ meme myself and i ~

Dreams are a creative exercise. Am I...better than everyone? (JK I read a lot and scroll TikTok for hours.) Be nice to your servers and tip them well!! When you’re drunk but dedicated to your skincare routine. “Never date a guy with no bed frame” discourse. This dog only understands the Spongebob Rock Bottom language.

A screenshot from The Office with Michael, Dwight, and Andy in a fake standoff. They're labeled as the competing desires to read, listen to music, and write.